High Build Urethane Primer
A premium two-component primer surfacer designed for high build and excellent filling of repairs. It provides excellent adhesion, corrosion protection, and gloss / color holdout. This product sands easily, without clogging the sandpaper, while providing excellent resistance to sand scratch swelling. Exhibits excellent sandability as well.
Mixes 4:1 - 4 parts primer : 1 part activator
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Small Kit - Includes 1 quart primer and 1/2 pint activator.


Large Kit - Includes one gallon primer and 1 quart activator.


Acrylic Lacquer Primer
Acrylic Lacquer Primer Surfacer is a fast drying, easy sanding primer surfacer that offers excellent adhesion, fast filling characteristics, outstanding feather-edge characteristics and color holdout.
Available in Red Oxide, Gray, or Hot Rod Black.
Mixes 1:1 with Lacquer Thinner or as desired.



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